Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mid-Term Assignment Criteria

Here is the arrangement and the schedule of dates for the Mid-Term Essay, twenty five hundred words and revisions. The assignment is worth twenty percent of the Course grade, of which ten percent is for the draught and ten percent for the revision.

Eight-week writing path:

  1. Course week three, Friday May 25th: choice of topics posted on the blog
  2. Course week five, Friday June 8th: draught version due in class.
  3. Course week seven, Friday June 22nd: draught returned with comments & grade.
  4. Course week nine, Friday July 6th: revision due in class.
  5. Course week eleven, Friday July 20th: revision returned with comments & grade.
  • The draught is an opportunity to get your ideas and structure freely down on paper. The marking will identify the types of error which require revision: after studying these you are encouraged to bring the draught to Office Hours for additional and thoroughgoing help.
  • The revision will be graded according to the improvements made from the draught.

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