Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Group Polemical Project

Groups of five or less will be set in class on course week six, Friday June 15th. The project will include the following:
  1. at least two of the primary course texts,
  2. Darwinism as presented in the handouts
  3. any one of the great Victorian essayists
  4. Either (a.) a polemical account of the nineteenth century funeral of God, in the manner of our early twenty-first century's fashion for the topic à la Hitchens, Harris, Dennet et al; or (b.) a polemical engagement with a present-day issue revelatory of the death of God and the progress-degeneration axis.
  5. a creative OODA Loop concept.

There will be a intra-group peer status review of the Group projects in class on course week ten, Friday July 13th. The results of the peer review will be handed in to the Tutorial leader and form part of the grading of the project. The project is due in class August 3rd. The assignment is worth twenty percent of the Course grade.

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