Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rod Stewart Opposes Degeneracy

Frankly, I love this news story from today, regarding the recent "Live Earth" event:

Rocker Rod Stewart was so unhappy at the colourful language used at Saturday's Live Earth concerts - he pledged to cut out swearing at a recent gig.
Comedian Chris Rock's foul-mouthed appearance at Live Earth London prompted TV host Jonathan Ross to apologise to viewers.
And when Stewart played at Rioch Arena in Coventry on Tuesday, he promised to pay £10 to each member of the crowd if he swore.
He says, "I listened to people effing and blinding during the Live Earth Concert last weekend and it just sounded so cheap.
"If you hear me swear on stage I'll give you all a tenner."


Anonymous said...

Meta-degeneration: Finding degeneration within an effort to halt degeneration.

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

That's way out of my depth ;--)